Eureka Moving Closer To Next City Manager

The Eureka City Council has retained HUELife, an executive search firm, to assist in the
recruitment of the next City Manager for the City of Eureka. HUELife received 40
applications for City Manager, which were due on August 31, 2019. 10 semi-finalists have been identified.
At the September 24th Closed Session meeting, Council reviewed the 10 applications and
resumes and chose 6 finalists to be interviewed by the Council on October 11-12, 2019. One
applicant has withdrawn from the process leaving the Council with 5 applicants to interview.
Beginning on Friday, October 11th, applicants will meet with City Council and staff and then tour
the City of Eureka. At 5:00 PM, a community forum will be held at the Wharfinger Building to
allow the public to meet the candidates and hear a brief introduction from each candidate.
On Saturday, October 12th, applicants will be interviewed by a community panel, selected by
the Mayor and Council, city department directors and the Mayor and City Council Members.