Great Race Coming To Eureka

150 Vintage Automobiles, from 1915 to 1975 and Their 400 Drivers, Navigators and Back-seat Passengers to Descend on Old Town as Part of the 2019 Riverside to Tacoma ‘Great Race’ ‘The Great Race,’ begun in 1983 by classic-car nuts, is an internationally renown long-distance ‘controlled-speed’ endurance road rally for antique, vintage, and collector-car enthusiasts looking to get their classic rides out on the road while pitting their driving, navigating and mechanical skills against one another. Entry fees start at $6,000, and the overall Grand Champion takes home $50,000 in prize money. At 150 cars and teams, the 2019 race is sold out, and there are dozens of teams from around the world on the waiting list. Old Town, Eureka is overnight stop #4, following the start of the race in Riverside, Ca on June 22