Search Warrants Lead To Arrests In Arcata

Couple of search warrants executed in Eureka this week led to arrests. One happened Monday on the 2200 Block of Union after citizens complained about illegal activity happening there. Four people were contacted at the residence and detained. During a search of the residence, detectives located 3 firearms, other illegal weapons, and drug paraphernalia. William Zane Reynolds (39 of Eureka) was arrested for felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. William Dale Abarr (34 of Eureka) was arrested on an existing warrant.
Reynolds and Abarr were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional
Facility. Another warrant was carried out later that day on the 2900 Block of California
During the search, detectives located 33 grams of heroin, packaging materials, and digital
scales. Erynn Menniweathers (37 of Eureka) was arrested and booked into the Humboldt
County Correctional Facility for possession of controlled substances for sales.
Ongoing drug and nuisance activity within the city limits of Eureka can be reported to the
POP unit by calling (707) 441-4373.